EMC/EMI Measuring Systems

• Field Strength analyzers, Dosimeters for Technicians safety
• Portable instruments to measure the emissions from antennas (GSM, UMTS, LTE, DECT, Wi-Fi, TV, Radio, WCDMA, etc)
• Shielded and Anechoic chambers
• Measuring stations for Antenna emissions
• Special generators, amplifiers and measuring devices for directives compliance evaluation

Systems and Instruments for Electrical Measurements

• Meghohmmeters, Earth testers, Multimeters, Oscilloscopes etc all suitable for use in the field but also in the lab.
• Power and Voltage Analyzers, portable and table top units for analysis according to EN 50160 standard.
• Universal Recorders of multiple inputs, paper or paperless, remote controlled with incorporated hard disk
• Route tracing and depth determination
• Ageing estimation for cables, transformers, breakers, etc
• Non destructive HV tests
• Cable fault and weak points pre-location
• Transformer electrical and mechanical testers
• Circuit Breaker Testers
• PD sources locators
• TEST VANS specially equipped for test and fault detwermination.

Telecommunication Testing

Fiber Optic Communications
• OTDRs, DWDM analyzers
• Optical Networks Monitoring system
• Fusion Splicers
• Optical sources
Wire/Wireless – Transmission – Access - Core Measurement Instruments
• Spectrum, Signal, Vector, Protocol Analyzers
• ΒΕR Testers up to 100 Gb/sec
• Signal Generators, Frequency Counters
• Antenna alignment systems
• PIM Testers 900/1800/2100/LTE
Base Station Accessories
• Antennas, Filters, Combiners
• Leaky feeder, repeaters
Digital Communications
• 2 Mbps, ISDN, xDSL, SDH/PDH, Gigabit Ethernet analyzers.
• Modular Protocol Analyzers (UMTS, VoIP, GPRS, WiMax) etc.
• Passive Probing systems
• Smartphone Network testing
• Drive Test Systems (Performance Tests – KPIs – Radio – Protocol)